Plainsnet - High-Speed Broadband Internet for Hughes and Garvin Counties in Rural Oklahoma

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Plainsnet is a high-speed internet company based in Holdenville, OK. We provide broadband internet to rural regions within Hughes County, Garvin County, and the surrounding areas that traditional solutions, such as DSL and cable, cannot reach. This means that people in these parts of Oklahoma may enjoy the benefits of country living along with the benefits of high-speed internet. Read below to learn more about the Plainsnet advantage! Already convinced and live within our coverage area? Call us toll-free at 866-656-8484 now, or sign up through our web form.

Raised hands.
Gaming mouse.
Internet that allows you to use it how you want!

With Plainsnet, most internet usage scenarios are possible. These include:

  • Playing console and computer games online.

  • Downloading large files without monthly bandwidth limits.

  • Using Skype to see and talk to friends and family.

  • Using MagicJack to make long-distance calls for free.

  • Listening to internet radio stations.

We offer three different plans ranging from $29 per month to $79 per month. See which plan is right for you. Or, see how we stack up against other types of rural solutions.

Group of people around laptop.
Internet that is many times faster than dial-up!

Are you on dial-up? Are you tired of waiting and waiting? All you want to do is...

  • ...view a Facebook picture.

  • the news.

  • ...look up a recipe.

  • research for school.

  • online stores.

  • your email.

Then look no further! Even when simply surfing the web you will see a night-and-day difference between dial-up and Plainsnet. Also, compare us to other types of rural solutions.

Man using laptop in field with haystack and rake.
Internet that reaches where others cannot!

We specialize in servicing rural areas where traditional high-speed solutions such as DSL and cable do not provide service. If you live in the boonies but still want high-speed internet, call us now or sign up for an install. Our current coverage areas include Hughes and Garvin Counties, and surrounding areas:

Zip Codes

73074, 73075, 73098, 74531, 74827, 74831, 74837, 74848, 74880, 74883, 74884

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